Five Star

Web and Mobile Design

World Wide Technology Application Services is a strong believer in feedback culture. Sometimes asking for feedback can be hard. An internal team was setout with a goal of being one source of feedback and facilitating organic feedback.

My Role
Art Direction
Design System Lead
UI & UX Design


Create a native Android and iOS application from scratch. Allowing users to use Single Sign On to connect with coworkers to request and give feedback directly or indirectly. Users can ask their own questions or choose from a questionnaire focused on the company's core values.

Design Process

This project is an open field, meeting Accessibility Compliance requirements of AA. Art Direction and Style Guide were open to me. Working closely with the dev team, we felt using a Material Color Guide was the first step. Since the project was internal we rapidly changed direction and went straight to High-Feudality mockups, working with a 1 week lead time. .


Feed back made easy.
The project was published to the app store and considered a visual and internal “bench” project success. Not only did we help generate frictionless organic feedback. Many users (including myself) could use this feedback at the end of year reviews. As the project evolved and added a web component to admin the official questionnaires.