Data Vizualization

Tic-Toc is a teaching tool used during the onboarding process at WWTAS to teach new employees the fundamentals of the Agile Process and multitasking.

My Role
UI & UX Design


Using the fundamentals from the “Coin Game” reimagine the game as a digital version. Allowing users to see the effects WIP limits and Modifiers play on the development process.

Design Process

Inheriting a rough developer design, redesigning the web application to be aesthetically pleasing. Through the agile process, new features were added via bi-weekly planning. Additionally, the product owners elaborated on the application, cumulating in showing team/project cost by adding data visualization.


Flexing my skills via data visualization was a great pleasure designing otherwise overwhelming data charts.
Through rapid design and development, biweekly releases were deployed and considered a visual and internal “bench” project success. The project lived on for the Introduction to Agile section of all new employees.